Toki Pona is a human language I invented in 2001. The only Toki Pona studios on Scratch are inactive so I made this one. nimi toki li tan nimi tok pi toki Topisin. Sonja Elen Kisa. Toki pona is a small constructed language by Sonja. 11 talking about this. gender. It was created by dislinguist Sonja Lang, an unintentional Discordian, and is the probably closest thing to what would be called "the holy language of Discord". o luka e poki "o ante." lipu li ike tawa sina la sina ken ante e ona. IRC. Community. toki pona is a philosophically minimalist constructed language, created by Sonja Lang. Toki Pona. Toki Pona is a conlang by Sonja Lang. Traffic on the Toki Pona mailing list and other online communities suggests that several hundred people have dabbled in it. How I discovered Toki Pona Watching memes in Esperanto Duolingo tends to look at use but given that they made Klingon and High Valyrian, I really don’t know if they don’t want to consider Toki Pona. Toki Pona is a language invented by Sonja Elen Kisa that only has 120 words and 14 sounds. Cheat sheet by blinry, CC0. Twitter.